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I am on a hunt to complete my legendary pokedex and Ultra Beast pokedex.


List of legendaries/Ultra beasts I am missing:


shadow regirockshiny rayquazashadow regigigasdark victinishadow terrakionshiny keldeoshiny xerneas (active)shadow type-nullshiny meltanshiny zacianshadow eternatusshiny kubfushiny dratiniceshiny silvallydark silvallymystic silvallymetallic silvallynihilegodark nihilegomystic nihilegometallic nihilegoshadow nihilegoshiny buzzwolemystic buzzwoleshadow buzzwolepheromosadark pheromosamystic pheromosametallic pheromosashadow pheromosashiny xurkitreedark xurkitreemystic xurkitreemetallic xurkitreeshiny celesteeladark celesteelametallic celesteelashadow celesteelashiny kartanadark kartanamystic kartanametallic kartanadark guzzlordshiny necrozmadark necrozmamystic necrozmapoipoleshiny poipoledark poipolemystic poipolemetallic poipoleshiny naganadeldark naganadelmetallic naganadelshadow naganadelstakatakashiny stakatakadark stakatakamystic stakatakametallic stakatakashadow stakatakashiny blacephalondark blacephalonmystic blacephalonmetallic blacephalonshadow blacephalon


A very long list of legendaries and ultra beasts I am missing!! haha

I am very keen to complete it though, so please pm me if you have any for trade/sale.

PLEASE NOTE!! Before sending a pm, please put a price for your pokemon, **I DO NOT OFFER**. I prefer to buy using your own price. I will likely overpay for them slightly as I need them. I use discord for price and I go by the average price it is sold in auction. 

Only pokemon for trade in my pokemon list are duplicates as for obvious reasons I am not trading any of my single copy legendaries.

I will update this regularly with the legendaries I have manage to get.

Best way to get in contact with me is in the game. IGN: zhon


If you are looking for trade, please go to link below, it will you to the list of pokemons I am trading.



Thank you all!

Happy Gaming!


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9 minutes ago, red_wolf_ said:

i have some of the pokemon you need

pm me in game with what you got and how much you value them please

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I have shadow mewtwo

I have mystic zacian

I have shiny suicune

I have dark Regirock

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