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I am just going to list some of my ideas here:

- A feature on mobile allowing us to swap members on our team. It is way too awkward at the moment 


- Private auction to allow players to sell to individual players instantly rather than going through the public auction system. Lots of people organise selling a poke in private, but there's no feature to do this so they put an item on auction for a high price. Just create a feature which allows players to sell Pokémon in private to each other. (The 10% auction fee should not be applied as it is private but still would be feasible)


- More filters when we are viewing all of our Pokémon. Primarily an 'events' filter and a 'legendary' filter. 

You could also add these filters for when viewing other people's Pokémon to make it easier to find their valuable pokes


I think it would also be useful to have more filters when offering Pokémon on a trade, and increase the number of tradable Pokémon per trade to 50 rather than 20. Some people like to trade immunities in bulk and these updates would help a lot


- Something to help when searching for pokes...

I was thinking if the odds of rare pokes appearing gradually increased the longer a person searched for them.

E.g. at the start it might have a 0.2% chance of appearing, but as you keep searching it increases to 1%, 2%. There can be a cap on the increase, to still allow it to be difficult to find rare pokes. (This isn't to make hunting for Pokémon 'easy' it's just to make it more balanced...)


Or maybe after a certain amount of steps, an encounter is guaranteed. 


I think that searching for Pokémon is very unstable and something like this would implement a bit more balance to the game while maintaining its difficulty.

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