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Universal Legendaries for trade only

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2 minutes ago, loveybabylulu said:

DittoShiny manaphyI can exp train and I have Uxie

interested in anything? What can I buy With these



ok how much exp for the pikachu?

what is your rate?

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5 minutes ago, loveybabylulu said:

It kinda depends on which Pokemon it is and how much exp I need to train (I don’t really have a rate, but I try to finish it asap)

added you in game

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5 minutes ago, jm2202 said:

I can also buy them if you don't want to trade.

only trading pokemons at present, not selling them. you can try and offer on kyogre and groudon, they are both in my trade list. Refused offer on Shiny lucario as was not a fair offer.

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