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Universal Legendaries for trade only

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On 10/12/2020 at 10:46 PM, zhon said:

Got multiple legendaries for trade.


Normal: darkraideoxysgenesectgiratinagroudonheatranjirachikyogrekyuremmespritmewmewtwomewtwo (mega y)moltresphionerayquazaregiceregisteelshaymintapu buluzamazentaenteiregigigastapu lelevirizionuxiearceusthundurusho-ohsuicunezekromdiancie (mega)lugiaterrakionzygardetapu finishaymin (sky)xerneas (active)dratinilicdratinicedratinireyveltal



Dark:dark darkraidark giratinadark regirockdark reshiramdark tapu leledark viriziondark enteidark latiosdark registeeldark regigigasdark mew

Metallic: Metallic Azelfmetallic darkraimetallic darkrownmetallic groudonmetallic ho-ohmetallic kyogremetallic manaphymetallic mespritmetallic phionemetallic regicemetallic shayminmetallic tapu bulumetallic tapu kokometallic tornadusmetallic xerneas (active)metallic mewmetallic zamazentametallic rayquaza (mega)metallic rayquazametallic type-nullmetallic eternatusmetallic virizionmetallic kyuremmetallic landorusmetallic keldeo

Mystic: Mystic cobalionmystic darkraimystic dratinicemystic giratinamystic jirachimystic mewmystic reshirammystic tapu bulumystic tapu kokomystic yveltalmystic zamazentamystic zekrommystic cresseliamystic terrakionmystic raikoumystic dianciemystic moltresmystic diancie (mega)mystic groudonmystic mewtwo

Shadow: shadow cobalionshadow darkraishadow deoxysshadow dialgashadow ho-ohshadow jirachishadow landorusshadow latiosshadow suicuneshadow tapu finishadow tapu kokoshadow victinishadow xerneas (active)shadow dratiniceshadow diancieshadow diancie (mega)shadow darkrownshadow giratinashadow kyuremshadow silvallyshadow regirockshadow terrakionshadow mew

Shiny: shiny darkraishiny mespritshiny terrakionshiny zapdosshiny victinishiny registeelshiny dratinilicshiny articunoshiny mewshiny groudon (primal)shiny zygarde




UB Variant: shadow xurkitreemetallic guzzlordmystic guzzlord



Event (claimed):missingno.thundurus (therian)arceus (dark)arceus (electric)arceus (ice)pikachu (ph. d.)scrafty (ackbar)xerneas (neutral)rotom (frost)


Event Variant (claimed): metallic kyurem (white)


Promo Codes: zygarde (complete)arceus (electric)arceus (fighting)arceus (grass)arceus (ice)arceus (water)arceus (rock)genesect (blaze)genesect (ice)pikachu (libre)pikachu (rock star)rotom (cut)rotom (frost)rotom (heat)rotom (spin)rotom (wash)zygarde (core)



DP: Shiny Arceus (fairy)



Unique: cosmogmorpeko (hangry)(promo code, expires Nov6)


** I AM MOSTLY INTERESTED IN POKEMONS THAT I DO NOT HAVE ** May it be legendary or non-legendary pokemons. ** NON-LEGENDARY POKEMONS HAS TO BE LEVEL 100 **


My buying price for non-legends.

Normal - 25k

Dark/Mythic/metallic - 50k

Shadow - 75k

Shiny - 90k


*** PLEASE NOTE!! DP/EventVariants/PromoCodes/Uniques cannot be traded for non-legendary pokemons. 



I am now very interested to non-legendary pokemons that I do not have yet. They have to be level 100!!.

message me in game. IGN: zhon

All PromoCodes are in auction at the moment. 

All these pokemons are in my trade list. Feel free to just offer :D

Will update this post regularly as to who is added and is gone from the list.

Thank you all and Happy Gaming!!

I'LL TRADE ALL MY STARTERS FOR WHATEVER U GIVE ME PLZ (Except the legendarys i already have


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