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Hello, everyone


From few weeks @Patrick , @flamescape and whole team works on V5 maps , wiki , sidequests and many more first of all thanks to vortex team.

Here are some ideas in short and simply.


Vortex bank I think pv have a bank called i.e. vortex bank in which we can transfer pds from I person to other. With some % of tax  i.e. 10-15%. (It may helps to those people who drop pokeball in auction for personal / private selling)or giving pds loan with interest with terms and conditions.


Email address change :  I suggest to add an option to change email address in accounts with proper security. i.e. sending verification link on old email address.


Some amount of pds : I think when anyone release any Pokemon he / she got some amount of pds. I.e. 100 to 2-3000 pds depends on pokemon.


Additional filter : I also like to suggest to add any option to filter pokemons when we are changing team or while offering or listing Pokemons.


Increase poke. Offering limit : I think this idea is already suggested but I'm repeating please increase limit of offering pokes from 20 to 40 or 50 in trade.


Resize profile avatar : And by the way our profile avatar is quite small so we requested to increase its size or resize it.(idea from @Vulnerable)


Clan Logo : I think forum clan is in process to remove so please add any option to upload any logo or pic with moderation to prevent abuse.


Secondary account ( or secondary storage account) : I suggest to add any option to mark account as secondary for those peoples who has more than one account. With restrictions for only secondary account like no login prize , no longer participate in events. (It may prevents from creating multiple accounts for daily logins or for getting extra event pokes)


@everyone thanks for giving your precious time to me.


=>Some ideas and implementation which I personally like...

- Add relist option in pokebay.

-Added + sign for seasonal pokes.

-Add profile note /msg word limit.

-Clan advertisement.

-pokeball changing exception cherish ball ,etc...

Once again Thanks to vortex team for V5.

Thanks for @SpheX for new avatars and reshaded shadow pokes.


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