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I think that there should be varied money prizes for the sidequests as some have 50-60 battles and others have 200-250 battles.

We work so hard for completing the region which has 200 battles but we get the same prize as the region which has 50 battles.


Either there should be varied monetary prizes or equal amounts of battle.


I would prefer varied monetary prizes

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I think prizes for sidequests are perfectly fine as fossils for their respective region and few Other rewards include some Mega Stoneswhich cannot be bought in the Pokémart, and the Orbsneeded for Primal Reversion of Groudon and Kyogre.+ Dropping an avatar for particular region + 1.2 to 1.5 m pds that's perfectly fine.

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Actually this isn't true, think about Kanto sidequests. You could win a fossil pokemon? But you on average you win around 1.3 million pokedollars and you win a mega stone and a avatar. But on the orange island sidequest you could win a avatar, pokedollars 1.3 million, and possibly 25 master balls. But on some of the bigger sidequest region you could win a red word or a blue orb, xerneas neutral forms, fossils, beast balls, ice stones. So in conclusion I like sidequests how they are already because the rewards we earn from completing them represent the region and I like that because it makes me work harder to get further and further into sidequests to complete them.

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