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General Looking for more friends!! :3

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I have great friends that fate cant replace in this game.







But i noticed that they are the only ones i can truly 100 percent place on this board. So if you want to be my friend, read the rest of this text.


I am Zayden, i am a kid who is enthusiastic in rare pokemon that have high price in worth, and i am also trusted as a trader so i might ask of trade styles that people commonly get scammed with or lowballed with, but when i walk through that tunnel, i come out with my own free will. I will never scam you, because ive gotten to that sort of situation and its terrifying! But that story is irrelevant. I may have severe arguments but as any other friend, I dont actually mean it to the core, I would just be angry and the way I think, I can be that way but in the end, my friends are my friends still. So I can accept new friends whenever as long as they are forgiving :3 Thanks to my current friends for all the caring and i will think of them as true friends!


Callouts to:





IMMORTAL_ is the leader of the clan Organ Donors that I joined so a special shout-out for accepting me in :3


Ishan is a person i respect


No atm further shoutouts but if I can get to know anyone real well otherwise you might pop up on one of the shoutout boards

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Can I be one of your trusted friends ???


I am Atharava Srivastava from India. I love playing this game because it gives me a sense of belonging, whatever I am doing I got to check up on the game, see if I have got any messagea from anyone, check my chats, see if I have any requests, check if I am still the highest bidder in the auctions I want to win. And obviously because of my friends and the people who think I can do nothing in this game, like ( don't want to mention the name ) the person who wanted to trade an Arceus for the prize I won from LinaX's giveaway Keldeo ( Resolute ), I want to prove this person wrong and catch an Arceus on my own.


I am funny ( I think ), I will my friends if it is under my control and I can do a lot of unexpected stuff ( like, I bidded 1,000,000 pkds for 25 master balls very bad decision ).


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