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Talfy's Unique Non-Legendaries Trade

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~ Welcome ~

Uniques up for trading if anyone is interested in filling up their pokedex with some non-legendaries

~ 2-3 Uniques for a legendary (negotiable) 


* The list of uniques below is updated daily (check back tomorrow if you don't see anything you like today!)

* Some uniques are worth more than others (mega evos, starters, etc.), so take that into consideration when offering.

* Now trading exp pokemon (see first bar)

* Mystic Kyurem (Black)Kyurem (White)Kyurem (Black)and some unique legendaries uft on Talfiro, if anyone is interested.

* If you are looking for Vivillons, I have Vivillon (Marine)so if you want one, just give me the scatterbug you have and I'll do it free of charge :) 



~ Exp ~


Metallic Patrat128.5kMetallic Helioptile62.5kMetallic Spinda56k

Shadow Patrat122.5kShadow Audino122.5k Shadow Luxray85.8kShadow Minccino95.2k

Dark Audino109kDark Houndoom (Mega)53.2kDark Bunnelby122.5kDark Girafarig103kDark Beldum122.5k

Shiny Salamence (Mega) 73.6kShiny Smeargle122.5kShiny Stantler89.2kShiny Sableye (Mega)77.5k

Mystic Meowth122.5kMystic Happiny103kMystic Swablu65.5k

Audino65.5kCharizard (Mega X) 283.7kMunchlax62.5kBouffalant62.5kLucario (Mega)53.1kAudino62.5kHoothoot62.5kSmeargle62.5kStarly62.5kUrsaring62.5kDeerling (Spring)62.5kPidove62.5k  Charizard (Mega Y) 61.3kWhismur62.5kTeddiursa62.5kXatu55.6k  Diggersby 52.6k  Avalugg50.9k  Blastoise (Mega)56.9k  Blastoise (Mega)116.7kChandelure143.4kAlakazam (Mega)57.2kManectric (Mega)53.5kRiolu97.9kZangoose122.5k


~ Metallic ~


Metallic BronzorMetallic Kecleonx3Metallic LarvestaMetallic Swablux2Metallic TreeckoMetallic ShroomishMetallic BonslyMetallic SnubbullMetallic ChikoritaMetallic Inkayx2Metallic Sentretx2Metallic OnixMetallic Unown (B)Metallic Castform (Water)Metallic Zubatx3Metallic Unown (K)Metallic StantlerMetallic FletchlingMetallic Unown (H)x3Metallic ShellderMetallic ThrohMetallic Golettx3Metallic CorsolaMetallic Taurosx2Metallic CombeeMetallic Beldumx2Metallic Unown (I)x2Metallic IgglybuffMetallic LotadMetallic BouffalantMetallic PonytaMetallic ShelmetMetallic DelibirdMetallic Ruffletx2Metallic CarbinkMetallic ClauncherMetallic SawkMetallic RhyhornMetallic ScraggyMetallic DwebbleMetallic Unown (D)x3Metallic BonslyMetallic Aronx2Metallic Unown (M)Metallic Burmy (Sand)x2Metallic Gligarx3Metallic Timburrx3Metallic Dratinix2Metallic BinacleMetallic Cubonex2Metallic Larvitarx4Metallic RioluMetallic PhanpyMetallic Parasx3Metallic GirafarigMetallic StaryuMetallic SandshrewMetallic PinecoMetallic Noibatx4Metallic Bagonx2Metallic Makuhitax2Metallic CharmanderMetallic FennekinMetallic HoundourMetallic SkiddoMetallic Trapinchx2Metallic Unown (C)x3Metallic Druddigonx4Metallic Tympolex2Metallic OshawottMetallic SphealMetallic SmoochumMetallic Helioptilex2Metallic Dittox2Metallic Castform (Ice)Metallic JoltikMetallic AlomomolaMetallic SigilyphMetallic DunsparceMetallic DeinoMetallic Durantx2Metallic Drilburx2Metallic DedenneMetallic KricketotMetallic KlefkiMetallic RattataMetallic IllumiseMetallic SpindaMetallic AudinoMetallic SeviperMetallic FoongusMetallic Castform (Fire)Metallic MienfooMetallic Snubbull



~ Shadow ~


Shadow SpindaShadow Unown (G)Shadow TimburrShadow Blitzlex3Shadow Flabebe (White)Shadow Hawluchax2Shadow SigilyphShadow DedenneShadow Alomomolax2Shadow TynamoShadow PhanpyShadow Magikarpx2Shadow VulpixShadow WynautShadow DittoShadow TropiusShadow VolbeatShadow Unown (Qm)Shadow Unown (Z)Shadow Unown (V)Shadow BronzorShadow SphealShadow Aronx2Shadow Unown (A)x2Shadow Unown (L)Shadow Unown (B)Shadow SawkShadow Mawilex2Shadow NoibatShadow Onixx2Shadow ShelmetShadow Deinox2Shadow Unown (G)Shadow Unown (K)x2Shadow Unown (F)Shadow Burmy (Sand)Shadow SolrockShadow Throhx2Shadow Basculin (Red Stripe)Shadow Unown (M)x2Shadow MienfooShadow Gligarx2Shadow Cleffax2Shadow HippopotasShadow InkayShadow PonytaShadow PhanpyShadow ShuckleShadow IllumiseShadow KlefkiShadow FerroseedShadow DrilburShadow ExeggcuteShadow FoongusShadow GolettShadow CombeeShadow HoothootShadow Druddigonx3Shadow RhyhornShadow BonslyShadow ShuckleShadow SandshrewShadow Unown (J)Shadow TympoleShadow RioluShadow TrapinchShadow DratiniShadow Machop



~ Shiny ~


Shiny Cubonex2Shiny SentretShiny Trapinchx2Shiny DedenneShiny Maractusx2Shiny Doduox2Shiny MankeyShiny OnixShiny PidoveShiny EkansShiny Girafarigx2Shiny FletchlingShiny PetililShiny Binaclex2Shiny PawniardShiny Unown (D)Shiny PanchamShiny PonytaShiny PanpourShiny BlitzleShiny DelibirdShiny Unown (B)Shiny Diglettx3Shiny Carbinkx2Shiny Roggenrolax2Shiny Unown (H)x2Shiny Mienfoox2Shiny Noibatx2Shiny ScraggyShiny HippopotasShiny ZubatShiny Parasx5Shiny Unown (J)x3Shiny TimburrShiny Unown (E)Shiny Kangaskhanx3Shiny Riolux3Shiny StaryuShiny GeodudeShiny Basculin (Red Stripe)Shiny LitleoShiny HeracrossShiny ThrohShiny MagbyShiny Unown (R)Shiny ShuckleShiny Unown (H)Shiny Unown (I)Shiny DittoShiny DrilburShiny TeddiursaShiny Druddigonx2Shiny NosepassShiny Aronx2Shiny LarvitarShiny FoongusShiny IllumiseShiny FerroseedShiny InkayShiny HawluchaShiny KricketotShiny Durantx2Shiny JoltikShiny Golettx2Shiny Bronzorx2Shiny PorygonShiny HoothootShiny ChimcharShiny FennekinShiny Unown (G)Shiny DratiniShiny Unown (C)Shiny BonslyShiny AxewShiny Unown (M)



~ Dark ~


Dark MagbyDark Makuhitax3Dark Nosepassx2Dark Oddishx2Dark PansearDark StarlyDark TrapinchDark PlusleDark DwebbleDark SigilyphDark Deinox2Dark WatchogDark ElectrikeDark Unown (J)x2Dark Golettx3Dark GeodudeDark Scraggyx2Dark DoduoDark Drilburx3Dark ZangooseDark PawniardDark TurtwigDark Volbeatx2Dark SmeargleDark SlowpokeDark LickitungDark Kricketotx2Dark HorseaDark SandileDark AxewDark Unown (K)Dark Carbinkx2Dark Unown (E)x3Dark TympoleDark Unown (C)x2Dark Hippopotasx2Dark HelioptileDark MienfooDark DittoDark Unown (H)x2Dark PawniardDark Diglettx2Dark Unown (P)Dark Unown (U)Dark Unown (T)Dark Giblex3Dark Phanpyx2Dark VanilliteDark HoppipDark LillipupDark Zubatx2Dark ShelmetDark SandshrewDark Castform (Fire)Dark Unown (F)Dark PidoveDark ExeggcuteDark Cubonex3Dark Druddigonx2Dark VoltorbDark MunnaDark Unown (G)x3Dark MagikarpDark BagonDark Durantx2Dark OshawottDark OnixDark AronDark CleffaDark RioluDark PichuDark ShelmetDark HawluchaDark KlefkiDark MaractusDark LarvitarDark RuffletDark SkarmoryDark Pichu (Notched)Dark JoltikDark FerroseedDark PinecoDark FoongusDark IllumiseDark BinacleDark SneaselDark PonytaDark DedenneDark ThrohDark Bonslyx2Dark MawileDark ParasDark Torchic



~ Mystic ~


Mystic DwebbleMystic GligarMystic LarvitarMystic MienfooMystic NumelMystic Slakoth Mystic Zangoosex2Mystic FletchlingMystic Castform (Water)Mystic Flabebe (Red)Mystic TaurosMystic PawniardMystic SandshrewMystic Deerling (Autumn)Mystic DedenneMystic BonslyMystic LillipupMystic ElectrikeMystic TynamoMystic TrapinchMystic Ponytax2Mystic NincadaMystic Roggenrolax2Mystic TogepiMystic SmeargleMystic StunfiskMystic Seviperx2Mystic LotadMystic Unown (A)Mystic ZubatMystic Throhx2Mystic Scraggyx2Mystic Unown (D)x2Mystic Aronx2Mystic Rhyhornx2Mystic Unown (K)Mystic Mawilex3Mystic Unown (L)x3Mystic Carbinkx2Mystic Unown (I)x3Mystic AxewMystic BeldumMystic Onixx2Mystic Unown (B)Mystic PinecoMystic DittoMystic BagonMystic Tympolex2Mystic LitleoMystic PanchamMystic TyrogueMystic KlinkMystic ShuckleMystic Unown (H)Mystic TaillowMystic Cubonex3Mystic GoldeenMystic HelioptileMystic PanchamMystic Burmy (Steel)Mystic DrilburMystic InkayMystic Durantx2Mystic JoltikMystic Swablux2Mystic KricketotMystic SkarmoryMystic Phanpyx2Mystic PlusleMystic Foongusx2Mystic GirafarigMystic Deinox4Mystic MaractusMystic SpiritombMystic GolettMystic BronzorMystic DunsparceMystic Pichu (Notched)Mystic SolrockMystic DiglettMystic RioluMystic Teddiursax2Mystic Unown (C)Mystic HippopotasMystic Sandile


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16 hours ago, rishivojjala014-2 said:

i want your  Shadow Charmander ,Shadow Houndour, and  Mystic Larvitar   for my virizion Virizion.gif
the virizion is up for trade on ign : rishivojjala014-2 

Unfortunatly, the houndour and charmander are gone, sorry. 

Edited by Talfiro
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6 minutes ago, Alan Solis said:

lol, are you insane? Pikachu jedi is an event, do you think i will accept 2 uniques for it?

lol well, it was a worth a shot, and you did say anything uft xD

 how about the mystic kyurem for those 4? 

Edited by Talfiro
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