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Need your pokemon level 100? Need happiness on your pokemon? Well I'm here for just that!


Rules ~


Global forum rules

No asking for regular trades

No rude offers


Lvl 100 Rates ~ 


1 lvl 100 pokemon for 1 normal pokemon

2 lvl 100 pokemon for 2 normal pokemon or 1 unique pokemon 

3 lvl 100 pokemon for 2 unique pokemon

4 lvl 100 pokemon for 3 unique pokemon or a normal legendary

5 lvl 100 pokemon for 4 unique pokemon or a unique legendary


Happiness Rates ~ 


1 heart for a unique pokemon

2 hearts for 2 unique pokemon

3 hears for a legendary

4 hearts for a unique legendary


Purchase 4 hearts and you get 1 pokemon trained to level 100 free!


Currently training ~


None ATM


All pokemon offered I must not have on my ign glaceon001.

I can do a max of 10 lvl 100 pokemon and 3 happiness pokemon at a time.

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7 hours ago, tcuz said:

my Metallic Pikachu (Jedi)for your Dark?

5 hours ago, Maxie-Magma said:

what do you want for your Pikachu (Christmas)Zygarde (Cell)X2 and Missingno.? What are you looking for?


1 hour ago, DeMerican said:

what for  Missingno.

Please make an offer, I will not judge your offer!

@tcuz, No thanks 

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Forgot the !
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2 hours ago, GodsWithin said:

Do the legends that we offer you need to be ones you don't have or any?

I would prefer ones I don't have.


EDIT ~ If you do only have ones I already have I am ok with that too :D

Edited by glaceon001
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