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Idea Lottery of Luck

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1) I think we should if not everytime but atleast once a month keep a lottery in which 1 player can buy only 1 ticket.

2)There will be problem because some players will try using multiple accounts so what can you do is you can give a lottery badge(or some other item) as a daily gift to all players at the start of the week. The cost of the lottery will be number or pokedollars plus that badge, as daily prize can be claimed only once a day in only 1 account no one can have multiple entries.

3) You could also increase the price of the ticket a bit and keep less winners.

4) The winner could get different prizes not only the pds but also unobtainable events, unreleased pokemon and donation pokemons or mystery boxes or premium membership. As many players don't spend real money it would help them a lot & not give a lot of disadvantage to people who have been a part of the event & people who spend actual money as there will not be a lot of winners.

5) It would also help players with less pds as now the lottery has become a way for people with a lot of money to gain even more.

I think many people would agree with me for this kind of lottery. The prizes even for me are doubtful and for the admins to confirm. All those who want to add on to it can please comment.

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