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Starphoenix Trade Thread

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Hi everyone,

I've got a whole bunch of non-legendary uniques up for trade on my account (ingame: starphoenix). The list below is updated as of today, but I'm constantly changing it, particularly due to the zygarde hunting event now.

Dark Pokemon:


bunnelby, Combee (male), Dedenne, Deerling (Winter), Durant, Ferroseed, Girafarig, Golett, Glameow, Joltik, Klefki, Kricketot, Maractus, Oddish, Pichu (Notched), Pidove, Pineco, Plusle, Poochyena, Rattata, Rufflet, Sentret, Shelmet, Slakoth, Smeargle, Spinda, Stantler, Unown F, Unown I, Unown K, Unown R, Vanillite, Volbeat, Yanma, Zubat

Metallic Pokemon:


Alomomola, Audino, Bouffalant, Buneary, Carnivine, Castform (Water), Combee (male), Dedenne, Deino, Diglett, Ditto, Drilbur, Durant, Foongus, Girafarig, Glameow, Heracross, Illumise, Inkay, Kecleon, Klefki, Kricketot, Murkrow, Patrat, Phanpy, Pidgey, Pineco, Plusle, Ponyta, Rattata, Rufflet, Scraggy, Scyther, Sentret, Shelmet, Sigilyph, Skarmory, Smeargle, Snubbull, Spinda, Stantler, Swablu, Tropius, Trubbish, Unown B, Unown K, Unown L, Unown O, Unown Q, Zangoose

Mystic Pokemon:


Audino, Bunnelby, Cherubi, Combee (male), Dedenne, Drilbur, Dunsparce, Durant, Foongus, Girafarig, Inkay, Happiny, Kricketot, Meowth, Nincada, Pancham, Pawniard, Phanpy, Pichu (Notched), Ponyta, Sigilyph, Skarmory, Sneasel, Spiritomb, Stantler, Swablu, Tauros, Tropius, Unown E, Unown H, Unown Q, Venonat, Zangoose

Shadow Pokemon:


Audino, Bouffalant, Buneary, Bunnelby, Castform (Ice), Drilbur, Ferroseed, Hawlucha, Hoothoot, Illumise, Klefki, Mankey, Pancham, Patrat, Phanpy, Rufflet, Seviper, Shelmet, Shuckle, Skarmory, Slakoth, Snubbull, Tauros, Trapinch, Trubbish, Unown G, Unown L, Venonat, Volbeat, Zangoose

Shiny Pokemon:


Bellsprout, Buneary, Carnivine, Chatot, Combee (male), Dedenne, Drilbur, Durant, Ekans, Ferroseed, Foongus, Frillish, Furfrou, Girafarig, Glameow, Hawlucha, Heracross, Illumise, Joltik, Klefki, Litleo, Mankey, Maractus, Phanpy, Pineco, Rattata, Seviper, Skarmory, Smeargle, Snubbull, Spinda, Stantler, Trubbish, Unown C, Unown D, Unown G, Unown I, Unown J, Unown P, Unown Q, Unown S, Unown X, Venonat, Zorua


For now, my rates are as such: 2 - 3 pokemon = 1 normal legendary of my choice, 5 pokemon = 2 normal legendaries of your choice OR 1 unique legendary of my choice. When trading, please note the following points:

1. I am open to negotiation, especially for bulk deals (ie >5 pokes).

2. I do NOT check ingame accounts as there are often too many pokemon and I have no idea what is up for trade or not. Thus, please propose a trade instead of saying "I want ABC pokemon, what do you want for it?".

3. I will check forum trade threads.

4. Only the pokemon that are up for trade on my account (starphoenix) are for trade on this trade thread. Everything else must be discussed over PM, preferably on the forums. 

With that said, thank you for your time! Hope we can trade and have fun together. ^^

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1 hour ago, Nutella Navigator said:

It would be better for us if you used the Pokemon Image. Like for example,


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Shadow Arceus (Unknown)

Better, right?

I would, but I'm not sure how to do that? Would really appreciate if someone could explain to me how to get the images? Thanks so much!

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If u can get me one I'll offer a legendary for it if u can get me 2 I'll offer you a dark or mystic legendary but if u get me 3 I'll consider a shiny legend excluding shiny mewtwo,shiny rayquaza, shiny groudon, shiny arceus 

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