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you could solve the problem of devaluation of mega stones by creating a box in the same model as the misterio box, but for sidequest. (S-quest box?) This new sidequest exclusive box, would have a higher percentage to come and would not have the rarest items included in it (like fossils, orbs and items from the latest sidequests like alolan and galar) basically, the box would make it possible to come with mega stones, some items that are not very rare (they could include sillavally memory items as the rarest), balls (not including master, beast and vortex) and non-event pokemon (porygon forms, xerneas form, rotom forms? celebi eternal ?, etc). This increase in the inclusion of pokes in the sidequest would be to prevent players from only getting mega stones in the first quests and would value the stones again (mainly because they come randomly in the new boxes) (ps: yes, there would still be mysterios mega stones) , but I think this implementation of the "s-quest box?" would help to value these intens again) They could include in the sidequest some other pokes that have not yet been released in events with a smaller percentage to come. (Suggestions: meloetta (pirouette), rotom (phone), greninja (ash), mewtwo (shadow), dialga and palkia (primal) ?, etc items not yet released could be analyzed for the game too, for example: new balls (fast ball, friend ball, heavy ball, level ball [for wild pokes of level less than the 1st poke of the team), dream ball, love ball (more likely to capture female pokes), quick ball, repeat ball, time ball and sport and saffari ball (for some project similar to saffari in the game?) (ps: saffari would also cause players to lose money to enter )], revive and max revive (with a very high price in the shop), amulet coins, soothe bell, berrys, shiny charm (unique charm?), apricorn (could replace the balls in the sidequests and make the players exchange them / make balls in some new method), x-items (I don't know if I could implement this), etc. Some old pokes exclusive to the old drawing could also be analyzed to enter the game in some way, example: female forms of some pokes that are not yet in the game (unfezant, frillish, jellicent, hippopotamus, hippowdon, pyroar, meowstic,) electrode ( natasha) (the one in the shape of an anime watermelon), snorlax (snow), sudowoodo (gold), groudon (virus), rayquaza (mag) (from the episode that united him with mismagius), porygon (zero), giants pokemon (alakazam , gengar, etc.), 3 carbink forms (those from the movie), onix (crystal) (but I remember saying that I wouldn't include it, but I'll quote you just to leave the full text)

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-I think prize of sidequest is perfectly fine.


-And about balls we already have enough varieties.


-Un released are a part of new updates and release at their respective time / place.


-And crystal onix is also a part of sidequest so

I think we should leave about pink / crystal pokes.


-how ever I like following above old pokes to add in various manner like in exclusive events / sidequest prize / exclusive auctions.... 

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