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Idea Quick trade

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Quick trade

this is a type of trading in which we can stop a person offering trash

so my idea is about a quick trade 

what does that mean

here when u r putting a Pokémon for quick trade 

u get some options like 

what lvl Pokémon u want 

and what Pokémon u want 

and aslo how much exp (approx)



for eg u want to keep a solgaleo for quick trade 

u need to mention what Pokémon u want in exchange 

and what lvl that poke must be and what exp it must have 



the other person who want to offer can only offer that Pokémon with that lvl u want.

and no other Pokémon can be offered 


Next once the Pokémon u want is offered .the trade will be automatically accepted.

with out waste of time.



pls reply where u like my idea or not 





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This sounds like the opposite of "quick" trading to me, if you're putting pokemon up for trade in bulk would make putting pokemon up extremely time consuming and tedious, much more so than just declining crappy offers. 

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