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Hey guys,


X-mas event (maybe upcoming on Dec.)

Normally we just search event poke in respective map / restore / fuse / evolve during event.....

- I like to suggest something different in this event like to find gold&silver vortex coins and then event poke is obtained from mystery bag.Dance Leotard Mystery Bag - Child Sizes

for Example 

Gold and silver coins have to spend on mystery bags

-> Gold vortex coin obtained by searching on map & while silver vortex coin obtained by training poke / battle (coin drop rate depends creater of event) and price of mystery bag also depends on creater of event....


-> Mystery bag including event avatar (i.e. exclusive to event only). ;

or event poke (exclusive to event only) generally normal varient (drop rate for unique varients low 2-5%) ;

 pds (optional) ;

Any :PromoCode: promo code (items including balls , stones or mega stones) ;

or even empty bag (optional).

- Additional (optional) feature  1.5 x or 2 x exp boost for limited time...


Comment below if you have any question or interested to add any suggestion.... 


Thanks for giving your precious time :)




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