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Giveaway Ended Vivillon giveaway (Closed)

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On 11/14/2020 at 8:53 PM, Chamancharizad123 said:

Today for 1st time 3 winners I chooses randomly


And winners are 

@kalipo you won vivillon savana (rejected prize (new winner @ELITE_PYThon)

@Sashi0911 you won vivillon High plains

@Chaitanya8 you won metallic vivillon Monsoon collect your prizes all from my trade


@kalipo ok give my prize to a random person pls


As you wish 

new winner of vivillon savana is @ELITE_PYThon congratulations


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On 11/12/2020 at 6:28 AM, Chamancharizad123 said:

->Make sure that vivillon fancy and vivillon pokeball are not part of this giveaway......

 1-3 winner is announced randomly,


Drop rate is approx. It may vary.....


varient   - Drop rate (in %) approx.

Normal -75 %

Shiny - 5 %

Shadow - 5 %

Dark - 5 %

Metallic - 5 %

Mystic - 5 %


Vivillon (Archipelago)   Vivillon (Archipelago)Vivillon (Archipelago)

Vivillon (Elegant)   Vivillon (Elegant)Vivillon (Elegant)


Vivillon (Garden)   Vivillon (Garden) Vivillon (Garden)


Vivillon (High Plains)   Vivillon (High Plains)Vivillon (High Plains)


Vivillon (Icy Snow)   Vivillon (Icy Snow)Vivillon (Icy Snow)


 Vivillon (Jungle)   Vivillon (Jungle)Vivillon (Jungle)


Vivillon (Marine)   Vivillon (Marine)Vivillon (Marine)


Vivillon (Meadow)   Vivillon (Meadow)Vivillon (Meadow)


Vivillon (Modern)   Vivillon (Modern)Vivillon (Modern)


Vivillon (Monsoon)   Vivillon (Monsoon)Vivillon (Monsoon)


Vivillon (Ocean)   Vivillon (Ocean)Vivillon (Ocean)


 Vivillon (Polar)   Vivillon (Polar)Vivillon (Polar)


Vivillon (Sandstorm)   Vivillon (Sandstorm)Vivillon (Sandstorm)


Vivillon (Savanna)   Vivillon (Savanna)Vivillon (Savanna)


Vivillon (Sun)   Vivillon (Sun)Vivillon (Sun)


Vivillon (Tundra)   Vivillon (Tundra)Vivillon (Tundra)


How to enter ??

-> just simply type your ign only......


All have equal chance to win 

All are allowed to participate :)


For new news / info. Follow this topic


Rule(s) :

-Winner who didn't collect prize under 36 hrs after announcement you loss your price & you are dis-qualified.........


Good luck everyone 

winner is choosen randomly

Winners are posted here only...




thanks for participating :)


Instead of multiple replies winners are posted here only

On Nov/15

@ELITE_PYThon - vivillon (Savanna)

@Sashi0911 - vivillon (high plains)

@Chaitanya8 - metallic vivillon (monsoon)

On Nov/22

@aryasa vivillon (river)

On Nov/29

@BANDIT888 - vivillon (Archipelago)

@Regitwo - Dark vivillon (Archipelago)

On Dec/06 

@Lillyzard- shadow vivillon (Archipelago)

On Dec/13

@aryasa- Vivillon (River)

On Jan/02

@greendragonminecraf- shadow vivillon (polar)

@maria6 - shiny vivillon (polar)

@DragonQueen5928 - shadow vivillon (polar)

On Jan/23 

@mewtwomewtwo shadow vivillon (polar)

On Feb/9 

@foodviro2.0- shiny vivillon (polar) + shadow vivillon (polar)


(on Nov/29) Disqualified due to not ignoring & didn't collected prize under 36 hrs

@Babby246 -vivillon (High plains)

On Dec/13

@aryasa - vivillon (River)

On Jan/2 

@greendragonminecraf - shadow vivillon (polar)

@maria6 - shiny vivillon (polar)

@DragonQueen5928 - shadow vivillon (polar)



Ended due to inactivity :(

thanks I have a trash poke in my trades ign foodviro

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