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When you place a bid, the money is taken out of your account immediately.


If someone outbids you, then your money is refunded.


What should happen if that person then retracts their bid?  Should the money be taken out of your account again to reinstate you as the highest bidder?  What happens if you already spent your money elsewhere?


If someone retracts a bid, making you the new highest bidder, should you then be able to retract your bid too?  At what point should you no longer be able to retract your bid?

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I meant that if someone outbids and retracts their bid we will be the highest amount bidder this will be what i said

Means the users of vortex should have an alternative of remove bids like they've once bid on an auction and and want to retract for some other items they should get their withdraw



- Sorry for the late reply

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