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I was trading Pokemon from one account to another a few days back. but today i noticed that i ended up with two of the same Pokemon. I know for an absolute fact that I only had one as I was the one who pulled this from a mystery box earlier this year and i was ecstatic to get it, i also use sort-by a lot and would have seen if i had two. 

Now... I'm not complaining because i guess i will make profit off this, but either way.. I think this could be a bug that SOME people may use to exploit the game and make PokeDollars off of. I probably won't state the Pokemon in question because I would hate for Patrick to remove it from my account, but I will do the right thing and report it because this is a mean bug that can be dangerous for the PokeBay economy. iv'e also done some research in the forums to see if anyone else has experienced this bug and it seems no one has had quite the same experience as this one. This is probably what helps some players get so rich, and so, I hope you fix it. Good luck!

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Hi Eligh,


Please could you let me know which pokemon you are referring to? Do you have the ID numbers for both of them? I can assure you we will not remove them from your account.


If you let me know then I'll be able to trace back the origin of the pokemon, find out how this occurred and fix the bug.


Thank you.

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