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Resolved Annoying glitch

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I hope some staff sees this but now this has  happened twice.  Both times i have caught a taillow .  Then when i caught it it didnt show me the screen that says  that i caught it. It wasnt in my boxed pokemon either. So i just kept looking for pokemon and exploring and then I encountered a Uxie. Obviously i wanted to catch because its a legendary so then i clicked on battle . Then it showed me the screen for catching taillow. And i wasnt even able to battle/catch uxie. it just took me back to the map.  It happened again but the next time instead of uxie it was a nickit i think. Pls fix this bug bc it has cost me a few pokemon and  a legendary.

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This happens when you don't complete your battle, after catching the Taillow, pressing back on your browser or any menu options will cause this to happen. You need to reach the screen where you're given experience and pokedollars or it says you've caught the pokemon, like this: 


Or like this:

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