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Idea Medal system in game

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You could link/use my old suggestion of daily missions( link ) with the one I will give now: Possibility to battle against avatar/trainer created by the game and who had a team with pokes above the level 150, 200, etc. depending on the mission tier (similar to special battle when the game's ADM was, but more difficult and without the opportunity to give f5 / refresh while battling).

It would be an excellent opportunity to implement Z-moves as well, but only for avatars/traners created by the game to be placed on the map as part of daily missions.


It would be nice to be able to face a team with at least 1 z-move (with 250+ power for attacks) for each pokemon on the team, as the level of difficulty to win would be extremely difficult. But rewarding, as the prize would probably be very good.


Each different type of mission would give a type of medal (each with its own value), which could be exchanged for PDs, Discord Coins (I don't think it is viable, but I decided to quote), Move tutor, possible coins for saffari or enter an exclusive map for limited event (?), pokemon that could only be obtained in exchange for these medals or another resource analyzed by the staff of the game. The medals won against these trainers of the machine (game) would be battle specific (being valued by tier / level of difficulty).

(but it would have the catch, sidequest, pokedex medals, daily quests completed, etc.)

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