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Christmas event live maps

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Lately during the Christmas event I have been facing a lot of lag and heating issues with my laptop  given the fact that i play the game on low graphics and not on full screen , didnt experience any such issue during the Halloween event using the same browser. For reference ,these are my system specifications snipboard.io/V40BgM.jpg and after a lot of trial and error , I have found safari and opera browser to be most optimised for my system.

On Safari i am getting constant 60 fps  snipboard.io/GQMzCn.jpg on route 14 and 15 but after 5 minutes into the game the cpu heats upto almost 90 degrees and above.

On the other hand opera gives 31 fps constant on route 14 , 15 but after like 10-15 minutes the cpu starts heating up again and drops frames.

 Is there something i can do to prevent this issue?


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