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Resolved WTH??!!

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Ok first of all the event is awesome

Secondly, I didn't even played it yet because if play on mobile it doesn't even show anything and my mobile held at a screen and nothing.

The mobile I use is Huawei Mate 10 lite you can search about its specs on google and if I play on laptop the map keeps restarting itself again and again and I haven't played this event constantly for three to four days because of this problem. For extra info both of my devices have updated version of Chrome and if we talk about previous event it was brilliantly working on my laptop and on mobile I was able to play it by lowering the graphics but now I have done everything and everything is nothing @flamescape and @strayaZilas please look into it. If you need any other information and details just tell me I'll give them to you ASAP because I want my own cute little Santa Caterpie (Christmas)

Hoping to get my problem solved.

Regards Tazzer

Zacian (Crowned)

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  • Developer

Hi tazzer,


This is something we're looking into.


In the mean time, try disabling this option in the graphics options. See if that helps.




Graphics options can be found on the map by clicking the gear icon at the top right (near the clock).



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Hi! @flamescape Sorry for late response Because yesterday at that time it was my bedtime so sorry i wasn't able to reply but now i checked on laptop and found that there is no option for "Enable Grass Occlusion" So, What do i do now?

Proof: https://screenshoteasy.com/detail/29aus8x8pm

Proof that i have updated version of Chrome in my laptop : https://screenshoteasy.com/detail/v406lmv2pa

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Added updated Chrome link
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