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3 hours ago, vampireslair said:

how can one get on the seasonal top trainers?

can anyone give me a clear explanation 

Seasonal leaderboard:


-Placing top 100 in the seasonal leaderboard will get normal varient of galarian bird(s) 

& In top 5 (unique varient) (as per new update)

- starts from 1st to 1st date of following months ....


As per new update



To enter seasonal trainer board #100

Catch 6-7 lvl immunes & train ...

+ More n more no. of battles 

+ More n more no. of Uniques


More info. Pat said earlier...

1) Catch, battle, evolve and catch again. It works the same way the regular global leaderboard does except that only progress of the month is contributed to your points.

2) This varies from player to player because it depends  how fast you as a specific player can do certain things or if you have a high attention span for repetitive processes. There is no right or wrong answer to this, it's opinion-based.

3) Yes, as of November 2020, the prize is the Galarian bird trio.


Good luck! Try to placed #100 in next seasonal leaderboard 😆



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Catch more pokemons and battle ,automatically you can get the seasonal top trainers ,but this season is almost ended only 11 hours ended.gOOD lUCK WITH YOUR NEXT SEASONALS

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29 minutes ago, vampireslair said:

are unique pokemon the same as legendary pokemon?


No uniques are any variety except normal.


29 minutes ago, vampireslair said:

and are completing sidequests enough to get on the seasonal top list

If you do that a lot then but you will need atleast 1 Pokémon caught but only doing side quests wouldn't get you a lot of points, catching will get you more.

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