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Idea To relist achievements with some prizes

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Heyo friends,


So I'm here to suggest something related to achievements...

To relist achievements with some exclusive prizes may include pds / or items / pokemon(s) or avatar (s)....


Achievements: (sample)

-A Millionaire 

-A Billionaire

-placed #100 in season

#75 , #50 , #10 , #5 or #1

Or top in local / global leaderboard

- completed 1,000 battles 

- 10,000 battles 

-50,000 battles

-1,00,000 battles

-complete 1,000 points 

-10,000 points

-1,00,000 points 

-completed 10% Dex 

25% , 50% , 90% ,

-completed sq regions

-completed sq 10 times ,

- daily logins in row to get rare / exclusive prizes ...

Or play time (optional) etc......


By completing any achievement get a exclusive prize like mini mb or prize contains 

Some pds , avatar or items or Pokemon(s)


Hoping achievements added again in game with big & better improvements....

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Sorry for bad english
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