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Resolved My Pokemon Vortex Drops FPS When I Go To Catch Pokemon's.Why????

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It might happen due to your device age or network connectivity issue and graphic card (If its very old).


This could also happen due to browser version outdated




*Chrome on Windows:  88.0.4324.104
*Mozzila Firefox: 83.0


Thank You, Hope it will solve Your problem

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Hi, you could try a couple of things to improve your FPS:

  1. Change the graphics settings. You can reduce the quality of the graphics by clicking the cog icon next to the clock on the explore page. Lower quality should improve your FPS.
  2. Try a different web browser. I think you are currently using Opera. Try Chrome or Firefox for better FPS.

If neither of these help you, I'm afraid it may just be that your device is too old to work well. Good luck!

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