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3 hours ago, vampireslair said:

does anyone know how many dna splicers are needed in case if zygarde event returned

Only 1 DNA Splicer required & it is 1 time purchasable item firstly introduced for 1st time in kyurem event (2015)

Used to fuse certain pokes during events...

-DNA Splicer available in certain event(s) in pokemart for $500,000 pds.

With the help of DNA Splicer you can continue to fuse no. of pokes when it starts.... 

=> If DNA splicer required for upcoming / next event again introduce in pokemart & announced in your dashboard & discord / forums 

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4 minutes ago, vampireslair said:

and may i know more about how to get an event ticket

Event tickets :- A ticket required for entering special events. Not much is known about it's origin. & Required to unlock event centre

Location is unknown some times got from daily login 100% during event I guess....

& If you want to save your tickets you can reserve for next event ...

Nowadays mostly all event pokes are available in map instead of event center in that case you don't need any event tickets....

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