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Report Hacked by VortexLegacy1337

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Logged in today to find that 2 of my Pokemon had been traded (Dark Blaziken (Mega) and Dark Electivire), without me putting them up for trade or offering them on someone else's trade. The person who it showed traded with was VortexLegacy1337. I found both of my Pokemon up on their auctions. All of my Pokedollars was also gone, and has been offered on one of VortexLegacy1337 1 Pokeball auctions. Please help me get my Pokemon/Pokedollars back 😢



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I think you are probably right because I checked his auctions and saw he was taking money from many inactive accounts and he has 0 win. Calling this a hack I am not sure is right, he probably checked every account and guessed their passwords. What password did you have before? Was it something related to you ign if so matters would be much clear. He has many exp Pokemons and events in auction. I don't know what to make of it please look into this matter @Patrick and @flamescape because the ones I checked weren't his ot and were event caught. He has 0 wins and registered on 4th Jan. Many people are bidding on his events and exp. They could be taken from another account and the bidders would not want a Pokémon which is obtained by stealing.

This could also mean mean that the pokemons were traded but that doesn't seem rights as many inactive users are bidding every pokedollar in his pokeball  so it is better if this matter is looked into.

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