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10 hours ago, fatboifinn said:

is an ultra beast to much to ask or the event pickachu pop star  




if you don remember i have dark eevee mystic glacion and metallic feniken

you may have the pikachu pop star for a dark eevee and other stuff, cuz i already have fennekin and glaceon

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10 hours ago, fatboifinn said:

ok is there anything you are intrested in


Hello, @fatboifinn

now if you don't know, pikachu (pop star) is an event pokémon.

If you want to trade rares on it, you must trade about 10 rares.

or if you want to trade unique rares, you must offer about 6 pokemons.

if you want to trade variant other stuffs, such as legendaries and common or even another event, you can ask here if you dont know.

Thank You


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On 1/18/2021 at 2:33 PM, Cha_Fey_S said:

Trading Pokemons here (ign: Cha_Fey_S)

(be sure to also check my other posts)

(common)normal:emolgaaipomklefkiheatmordrifloongoomymisdreavusnosepassfurretglameowdewpidermiltankbouffalantkangaskhanmilcerycombeeabsoldedennetoucannonbounsweettogedemaru(and more, search my ign)


rares/starter pokemons:meganiumlaprasserperiorchikoritabayleefbagonsnivyservinefroakiedartrixsamurottmimikyufennekinmudkiprioluemboarchespin

megas:Charizard (mega X)venusaur (mega)metallic blaziken (mega)audino (mega)

uniques:dark castformdark castform (ice)dark dewgongdark milcerydark pichu (notched)dark sawkdark stonjournerdark unown (b)metallic castformmetallic chatotmetallic comfeymetallic pidovemetallic sentretmetallic cacneametallic drilburmetallic koffingmetallic murkrowmetallic smoochummetallic swinubmetallic togedemarumetallic zubatmetallic skarmorymetallic stantlermystic castform (water)2xmystic gligarmystic mime jr.mystic minccinomystic scythermystic staryumystic Yungoosshadow braviaryshadow pichu (notched)shadow castform (ice)shadow cubchooshadow cutieflyshadow froslassshadow grubbinshadow heracrossshadow horseashadow minunshadow lycanroc (midday)shadow woobatshiny castformshiny corsolashiny girafarigshiny mareanieshiny unown (F)shiny zangooseshiny geodudeshiny rookideemystic glaceondark whiscashshadow lycanroc (midday)shadow mawiledark mareaniedark comfeymystic leafeonmasquerain

legendaries:mewmetallic ho-ohdratiniliclatiasgroudondarkrailatioslandorusshadow shayminshaymin (sky)virizion

events:pikachu (pop star)

Ultra Beasts:buzzwole
looking for any forms of:eeveecosmogsylveonnecrozmalunalasolgaleo


Some of these pokemons I have multiple, so feel free if someone already ask for the pokemon you want. you can check my pokemons, because this is not a complete list.(you can reply from the forums, message me ,or add friend me, then chat..or any other way you know)
once again, my ign is Cha_Fey_S and please don't give me bad reactions, but if you can or if you want, please give a good reaction to my posts.(but if you don't want it's ok)thanks so much.

i have lunala, whats the offer

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