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Resolved Slowbro Galarian Shell side armor instead of shell side arm

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Hello all I was doing a sidequest battle and noticed a  Use aShadow Slowbro (Galarian) move called  Shell side armor instead of its normal move shell side arm  (this was in sidequest battle 2064 if that helps)  @Patrick and @flamescape can you please fix this? Here is a screen shot of what it looked like chrome-extension://haiidfhfnmfmicpakjjkibpcdoolnbbo/editor.html?img=filesystem:chrome-extension://haiidfhfnmfmicpakjjkibpcdoolnbbo/temporary/screenshot-www-pokemon-vortex-com-battle-sidequest-2064-1611629780932.png It also did nothing in battle.

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It's been corrected, thanks.
For future bug reports, you do not need to tag us in the topic, we already check the topics, you don't need to drag us here.

And your "link" is specific to you, no one that isn't on your computer can see it.

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