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Universal Pokemon for trade or sale (Mewtwo Armor added)

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Pokemon for trade or sale



RotomMunchlax×2 RioluLarvitarMetallic rotomMetallic rioluShadow greninja CursolaDark ObstagoonShiny greninjaShiny pikachu(Shiny Pikachu with 1m exp)Shiny coalossal



ArticunoMewAzelfCresselia×2 Dark VictiniDarkrown× 2DialgaGroudonTapu kokoMetallic thundurusMewtwo (mega y)ZamazentaYveltal  ZapdosShiny zapdos(shiny)EternatusShadow darkrai Shadow deoxysMystic deoxysShadow yveltal    Rayquaza   Rayquaza (mega)  Regirock   Lugia    ArceusShadow darkrownShiny rayquaza




Deoxys (defense)Amaura(1m exp)Shiny Mewtwo (Armor)(2.7m exp)




P.S. don't comment : "what do you want for this poke...look in my poke" Like I don't want to ask anything from your account I'm just looking for good deals 


So just comment your offer for the poke you want


I have some of the poke listed here in my other accounts so don't go check and say that "bro you don't have those poke you listed, you're clickbaiting"



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6 minutes ago, WOLFboy007 said:

I want shadow blacephalon. I can give u metallic buzzwole and shiny aggron with 700k exp.

My ign:wolfboy007

I don't want buzzwole , celestella , kartana , guzzlord unless they are shiny

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4 hours ago, jesterv786 said:

I will accept pokedollars and fair trades 


rares :

RioluMetallic rioluShiny banette (mega)Shiny houndoom (mega)CarkolGrimmsnarlGlaceonCursolaDark ObstagoonMetallic sylveonRowletRaichu (alolan)Dark alcremie (star)Rotom

legendaries :

MewDarkraiVirizionDarkrownArceus (dark)Arceus (ice)CresseliaLatios (mega)Mystic latias (mega)MewtwoMewtwo (mega x)ZapdosArticunoAzelfDark kyuremKabutopsDeoxys (defense)

special :

Pikachu (belle)Rotom (wash)

ultra beasts :

   Mystic guzzlord   Xurkitree  




What for Cursolaandobstagoon. I want any one of 'em so look into my account and ask up

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1 minute ago, hangqho said:

i say can i use snorlax and raichu change yourMetallic%20Sylveon.png?


U use snorlax and raichu to change my sylveon ? What does that even mean ?

Are you offering me something , I'm confused bro

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