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Answered New to game. Just have a few questions.


Hey like title says new to the game and just have a few questions I would like answers to thx.


1. Is there a in game map to see your location and to figure out your destination? Atm im just wondering around aimlessly trying to find road signs lol


2. Is there a way to fast travel between towns?


3. I see the pokedex but how do I see the location of which the pokemon spawn at?


4. Is there a active group chat to stay active with other members and actually ask these questions/social with? Most sites have it on the page but dont see one.


5. How do i get a event calendar? Says i unlock it while playing but ive just about did everything in game content alot unfinished still but no event ticket?


6. I see people in explore mode. Is there a way to interact with them chat/trade/ ect.?


Thats all I got to ask atm thanks for taking your time to helping a new player or pointing him in the right direction to get help lol

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Here is a link to the map https://imgbb.com/q7TxXVD\

There is no way to fast travel

You can find were certain pokemon spawn here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ev0vfL99DmaBI9vrFZ9G37v4qBAgsTEnBkTw2oboCL0/edit#gid=840249663

There is no group chat 

there has to be an event going on to get an event ticket 

you can add them as a friend in the member list


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To add on to foodviro's answer, a great way to interact and chat with other players is in the Pokémon Vortex Discord.
There's channels for general chatting, trading, and there's also a quiz channel where you can earn in-game rewards.

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1.There are fan maps, but no in-game map.

2. There is no way to fast travel.

3. You have the wiki. Just type in "List of pokemons by location" in it, and you will get a full list of all released and unreleased pokemon in Vortex.

4. There are clans, but you do not have the chat option in there. You can message players or chat with them if you are friends in Vortex.

5. There is no events going on currently. You cannot enter the Event  Center if there is no events.

6. There is a Vortex Discord chat , but the answer is mostly the same as the 4. Question.



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