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Idea Seasonal Top Trainers (Personal Score)

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With the new Galarian Birds as the Seasonal reward there has been more motivation to get top 100 on the leaderboards. To make the climb easier to the top 100 I am suggesting that:


- At the very bottom of the "Seasonal Top Trainers" list should show your own personal score. Showing your accounts Points, Exp, Average Exp, Battle Count, and Unique Pokemon caught. The rank would be nice but is not as important as the other information


*I understand there is a discord bot command (!Card) that shows your current rank on the seasonal leaderboards but I think we all would agree this addition would uncomplicate things.


seeing how you match up to the people on the leaderboard would tell you if you need to get more exp or catch unique pokemon. This could save some valuable time and would be a great ease of life addition

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I agree that it would be nice to be able to see your personal Seasonal score on Vortex, as opposed to having to go to Discord and check your trainer card each time.
Even those with Discord have to put in a bit more effort (not much, but it's there) to find out their ranking. Their score isn't listed if they're not in the Top 100, so that's something that could be listed on Vortex as well. It must exist already as a hidden number.

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