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Firstly, thanks to all those who have been helping us to speed up the wiki additions by contributing. Keep up the good work (and make us more lazy o4rel) .

So we have been receiving a lot of questions, about people asking, "What can I add in the wiki?" This post here is to help those people understand it better. Basically speaking, anything related to Vortex can be put up on the wiki, provided they have a significance. Here are some examples of what you can add and/or what has already been added.

1. A pokemon. Remember, DO NOT make a page about fakemon or cosplays. It would be better if you stay away of making pages for Hoopa, Volcanion and such. A list of pokemon whose pages have already been made is provided here.

  1. Squirtle
  2. Wartortle
  3. Blastoise
  4. Pidgey
  5. Charmeleon
  6. Rayquaza
  7. Hoopa
  8. Pikachu
  9. Bulbasaur
  10. Ivysaur
  11. Venusaur (Mega)
  12. Venusaur
  13. Victini
  14. Rayquaza (Mega)
  15. Meloetta (Aria)
  16. Eevee
  17. Combusken
  18. Arceus (Bug)
  19. Beedrill
  20. Caterpie
  21. Charizard
  22. Charizard (Mega X)
  23. Charizard (Mega Y)
  24. Dratinice
  25. Dratinire
  26. Pikachu Cosplays (All the cosplays, including Christmas and non-Christmas)
  27. Meloetta (Pirouette)
  28. Mewtwo (Armor)
  29. Nidoking
  30. Nidoqueen
  31. Nidorina
  32. Pidgeot
  33. Sandshrew
  34. Beedrill (Mega)
  35. Caterpie (Christmas)
  36. Ekans
  37. Arbok
  38. Fearow
  39. Nidorino
  40. Nidoran (F)
  41. Nidoran (M)
  42. Pidgeotto
  43. Sandslash
  44. Raichu
  45. Weedle
  46. Butterfree
  47. Kakuna
  48. Metapod
  49. Meloetta (Aria)
  50. Pidgeot
  51. Raticate

2. Regions in Pokemon. Here is a list of what has already been added:


All regions have already been added. You can edit something if you want to, however do leave a note as to why you have edited the part.

3. General topics, like Happiness, Evolution, and such.

  1. Happiness
  2. Fossils
  3. Keeping your account safe
  4. Pokedex
  5. Battle Frontiers
  6. Gyms
  7. Sidequests (Admins only, nobody can edit this except the admins, yet.)
  8. Events

4. Pokemon Types: You can add information about the various types of pokemon available in Vortex, that is, Shiny, Dark and the remaining 4 variants.


All variants have already been added. However, if you feel like there is something you can add to make it better, please feel free to do so. Do not add unnecessary content or go overboard and make the page look like a child's bedroom.

5. Sidequests: The great Patrick has done it o4rel. I'll add it when I'm not feeling lazy. <_>



What you should not do in the Wiki:

  1. It is requested that you don't directly edit on the template of a page. We recommend you copy the unicode, paste it on a new page or your notepad/word and edit it, then post it once you have completed it. If you edit an already existing page, the page will change at the slightest mistake you make.
  2. Do not leave a page unfinished. If you believe you cannot complete it at the moment, save it in your device, and do it when you have the time.
  3. Do not go about randomly changing something in everyone's pages just for fun. Trust me, it takes an awful amount of time and patience and research to make one single page. Respect them and their actions, and don't be a scrub.
  4. Lastly, it is important to know that this wiki is VORTEX ONLY, and not for general pokemon. We already have bulbapedia for that.


I would like you all to go through this post here as well, to know a bit more about the Wiki.

Ask us if you have any other queries, we will reply as soon as we see your message.

Further, if you have made any new page, you can comment it here or pm it to me, I will update it here upon seeing your message. Or you can wait for me to check through the list of pages made and add the new ones.


For those who are facing problems because of the moveset, a master moveset list containing all moves is being made by @Blair, so please be patient while it is done.



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