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Contest Guess the Guy Contest!

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I haven't been creating contests for a long while so I have decided to make up the mood up for this contest today so Rules are

1. Every winner gets a random legendary pokemon as his or her reward

2. There will be 1 question everytime in a week or two

3. IF any participant doesnt guesses or answers these all question he or she will be disqualified

4.Everyone will be able to get 1 chance Only to guess the answer for a particular question or he or she will be disqualified

5.No abusive language use and this contest sill go on forever till I play this game 😃

6. never edit ur answers after posting it if you do that you know what will be happened



Edited by V7xyz
Added some rules 😋
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On 2/20/2021 at 8:59 AM, V7xyz said:

Next Question :

Who is the best companion of ash in his journeys ? (BTW I HAVE CHANGED SOME RULES SEE IT ABOVE!)

by companion do you mean a pokemon or a trainer?

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