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Unanswered Dont know how to claim my charmander


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I heard you didn’t get your charmander.

If you go to purchases.

You could see all the pokenom that you won from the auction.

if you did not see the charmander then somebody outbid you.

The way I do it is,

Whenever I bid on a pokenom.

I always push the watch button so I can keep track of it.

Hope this helps!


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27 minutes ago, Inextreme said:

I got a charmander from the auction and i don't see it in my pokemon team. I looked at view all pokemon and i saw it but i dont know how to get him in my team like wtf.

You need to go to Your Pokemon Team. Then click change team. Then, in the search bar, type in Charmander. Then, click on one of the Pokemon in your party. Then, press switch.

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