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Hello! Today I am trading these pokes:


1x    Unown (0) The best offer-

1x Dragapult(400k exp) The best offer-


1x Arceus (Electric)The best offer-

1x  NecrozmaThe best offer-

1xShiny Alcremie (Love)(Renamed Happy Valentine's day) The best offer-


1x Zubat (Halloween)The best offer-

1x Kyogre The best offer-

1x  MewThe best offer-


1x AlakazamThe best offer-




My main wants:

CosmogZeraoraMewtwo (Evolution),Zygarde (Complete),Blacephalon,Shiny Dialga












If I see an offer that I like, I will trade the poke. The best offer will be shown here. 

High exp means that it has over 100, 000 exp.

Look into my profile. If you have something that caught your eye, message me. I will add it.


P.S. A lotta people told me "You are gonna get scammed" or "That is worth more". I trade special for special, UB for a fair offer and event for event. Please do not bore me out with "better" offers.

I am sorry if this gets anyone offended.

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Added a pokemon!
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48 minutes ago, SofiX said:

1xMystic Mew(high exp) The best offer-



48 minutes ago, SofiX said:

1x  Groudon(high exp) The best offer-



49 minutes ago, SofiX said:

1x Metallic Darkrai(high exp) The best offer-


what you want?

my ign-4567ash

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1 minute ago, SofiX said:

They are all with 100, 000 exp

Please offer a premium or UB with low/level 100 exp. If the offer is not fair, I will add.

Or just a:

A) 2/3x events

B) 6 legendarys

C) Any special.

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8 hours ago, Cha_Fey_S said:

I wanttogepi (halloween)

offer:I dont know yet, but maybevivillon (fancy)

if you dont want, anything you want from me?

Can yu put in a different event?

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