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Fixed Comet Punch Attack Bug/Error (?)

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I just realized it when I try to train Ledyba. When you attack with Comet Punch attack, it immediately chooses the Tackle attack (which is 1st in line) next turn. So you have to choose Comet Punch again and again every time if you want to spam it.

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23 hours ago, Auke1993 said:

If I recall correctly, a move that's used is onyl 'remembered' in a trainer battle.
Did this bug you find occur in a trainer battle or a wild battle?

It occurs in trainer battle. Every other attack is 'remembered' in battle but not this attack.


On 24.02.2021 at 14:59, SofiX said:

That is not a bug. It returns to the 1st attack in line every single you attack. It is not a bug and it is not meant to be fixed.

Every other attack doesn't return to 1st attack but this. How is this not a bug? How on earth this could be a feature?

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