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So, as you know people have good decks and a training deck, right now, im using my training deck to catch stuff in the wild.
the rulse are: 

1. You must guess my normal good deck that i use in week days, u must be precise...
2. if u are wrong 1 poke u will still get a prize, but not as good as the grand prize
3. 1 person can only guess once, if u guess twice, u are eliminated
4. You MUST use the pokemon pictures to guess, like this:charmander
5. u must also use the variants, ex:shiny eevee
6. This competition will end at sunday 6pm, (UTC+7).
7. You dont need to have the precise order

now, good luck and do your best, and also, search ign: SAMUEL.D.S, so that you know ehat pokes might be in my deck
and you might think that i will change my team like, so that nobody win, but i will not
i will leave some clues down below 




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so, it has ended, entries are closed, @Hardieboiand@Cha_Fey_S,check my account and see if you are close


On 2/27/2021 at 9:10 PM, Cha_Fey_S said:


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My guess:


lycanroc (dusk)xerneas (active)metallic tornadusmetallic sceptile (mega)dark greninjamystic charizard (mega x)


u are kind of close, wrong 2

On 2/27/2021 at 9:20 PM, Hardieboi said:

Mystic Charizard (Mega X)Lycanroc (Dusk)Dark Blastoise (Mega)Xerneas (Active)Steelix (Mega)Celebi

my guess above hope its correct 

but you are wrong 3 (half)

if u see the clues

On 2/27/2021 at 3:57 PM, SAMUEL.D.S said:


MCMX=mystic charizard (mega x), XA= xerneas (active) MC=mystic celebi LD=lycanroc (dusk), MT=mystic tornadus, and DG=dark greninja

Edited by SAMUEL.D.S
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