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Contest mystery contest ?%?*&?

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On 3/2/2021 at 10:55 AM, SAMUEL.D.S said:

hello everybody :), welcome to the mystery contest, there will be a contest every single week with a chance to win prizes, once, the first contest ends, we will go to the next one, and nobody knows (cuz i also dont know yet) so pls join before its to late.

1st challenge: ??? (registration is still going)


so, before we begin, there will be registration, there are 25 spots in the game
1. Cha_Fey_S

2. Annhonyspirit

3. SofiX


5. Nishkar

6. red_wolf_

7. rustyison

8. Dark-Entei

9. WOLFboy007

10. Pineapple_06

11. Foodviro 2.0

12. Hardieboi


14. adamar3000

15. V7xyz


17. cristoferrz

18. TT0812








just enter your ign and ill write your name here, registration will end at thursday 12 o'clock W.I.B, so better hurry up.
you will not know the competition until registration is done, so it will be a suprise

i hope you enjoy :) :) :) 

IGN : WhiteShane

Edited by WhiteShane
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On 3/2/2021 at 10:55 AM, SAMUEL.D.S said:

giveaway every week, so dont miss out
but sometimes, will be mystery contest, and usually its possible that nobody gets prize if its contest

ign sanathandsaathvik

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