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This happens. This happens as not all pokes can be catched with 1 master ball as it has a high percentage of chance that u will get that poke with 1 ball but there are some what 0.1% chance of not being successful. 


see this article in wiki. 



This might be your bad luck. 




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Are you 100% sure you used a Master ball? Sometimes when you click the options of which potion or ball to use you can click the wrong thing. But if you really did click Masterball then yeah this seems like a big bug Master ball is 100% unless you used it on an Ultra Beast which can only be caught with Beast Ball. If your able to i'd like to see screenshots of this?

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:MasterBall: has 100% catch rate while catching a pokemon (Legends / staters / commons)

They have 0% catch rate with Ultra Beast pokes. 
You must also press the continue button after using a master ball. Or it would not have any effect. 

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Victini is a standard Legendary Pokémon and should be able to catch it.
If you're facing an Ultra Beast or Necrozma, then Master Balls don't work.
As you say it was a Victini, a Master Ball should work 100% of the time.

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