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Hi! I am Veer! I have been thinking of opening a trade thread/shop on forums for loads of time now. I bid on auctions and traded with people to make my idea come true.
anyways Here are my pokes, no UBs yet


Rare- hypno salamence garchompShiny ludicoloDragapult(lvl 100)scizor(lvl 100) golbat(lvl 100) ampharosbulbasaurchimcharsteelixshiny tangrowthshiny dustox

legendary-  celebigroudon

mega- Charizard (mega y)

Event- zygarde

price in pds- check my status


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1 minute ago, shoomania said:

sorry just cant do that 


if you want ill give another legendary for celebi with darkrai for groudon

i dont want darkrai for groudon, you can give another legend for celebi


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starting trade thread/auction advertising business, rates trade thread- 100k for 2 days advertising

                                                                                  auction-70k length of the auction

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