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Hello everyone my main ig is abhiramv

My alternate account is abhiramv2


I trusted one person ig ursawarrior3825

But he cheated me and took all my 5 Necrozma and one metallic Necrozma of my ot abhiramv

That Necrozmas even have experience 

And I have screenshot of every Necrozma I had 

Currently they are in nammakam01 trades which were offered to a shiny Pikachu jedi






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Do you have any evidence of the scam?

In what way did they cheat? How are you sure they cheated?
Do you have screenshots of your conversation with this user?

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Yeah no one knows that account password except he and me 

I gave him password on 31 night for doing clan battles

When I woke up Necrozmas were not there 

I thought the pokes are in box of that account

Later when I want to trade them back to big account I found they were scammed

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I actually have the Necrozma as of now I traded it with Ursawarrior but our deal was Arceus Unknown for Dark Grookey 7 mil exp, Necrozma 2.8 mil exp, and Metallic Necrozma 3 mil exp. Um what should I do? 

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