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The way that the current "Change Team" menu is set up has a LOT of room for improvement. When training a large amount of Pokémon in quick succession it can be tedious and grueling to make frequent changes to your team, especially when you are changing most if not all members of the team. 

The first thought for improvement to speed up the process, though I'm unfamiliar with game creation so I have no idea if this is possible to implement in Vortex's current state, would be to make it so that the page doesn't "refresh" every time you put a new member on your team. If I'm putting 6 immunes on my team at a time, needing to type or copy/paste the name of the Pokémon into the search bar each time gets pretty annoying. 
The second idea I had was to make a system similar to Instagram (stick with me here,) where you can select multiple pokemon at a time, in the order that you want them on your team, and change your entire team in one go. 

Whether or not either of these are possible to implement, I do not know, but they would certainly be a welcome change. 

Let me know what you guys think of this idea.

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