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Idea Ways to end an auction prematurely

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I think it would be useful to have ways to end an auction before its set ending time. Currently auctions are the only available method to transfer/sell items and avatars, but snipers hanging around auctions that are about to end like vultures make that risky. The only solutions to guarantee you get the item/avatar at the moment is to overpay and ask the seller to send you the excess money back, or in the case of evolution items transfer your Pokemon to them, they use the item, then they send your evolved Pokemon back and link you their Pokeball auction. Both of these rely on trust and can easily result in a scam. These dodgy deals won't be necessary when there's a safe method of transferring items.


Since there's no plans for item/avatar trading as far as I know, I have two suggestions that could solve this and improve auctioning in general. 


• Auto-buy price: when you're making an auction you can set an auto-buy price. This will usually be higher than the starting price. If a buyer bids the auto-buy price, the auction immediately ends and they win.

• End Auction button: just a button that immediately ends your auction and awards the item to the highest bidder.


Auctions are also used for transferring money for deals, either of these features would allow an instant transfer of PKDs rather than making you wait an entire day for the auction cycle to finish

Thanks for reading my suggestion

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I can see the first idea happening.
The auto-buy would likely have to be a lot higher than the starting price for it to work, but I like the idea.
I don't see the 2nd idea ever happening, as that mostly defeats the main purpose of auctions.

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