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Not a Bug No happiness lv? (Didnt get resolved)

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I been trying to lv my eevees happiness lv eevee is around lv 80 and zero in happiness, can someone please check and see if  my eevee is bugged or something? Im trying to evolve inte Sylveon so need full.





Happiness is based on battles not level. Every battle you do you eevee gains either 1 or 2 happiness points. It is random. for ever star you need like 73 stars except for the last star which is 35points. Your eevee is not bugged just need to battle more with it. i suggest battling and random player with 3 pokemon to go faster. Can go into the gyms to battle to battle like misty or somebody like her.


But my response question is:


Hi I wasnt able to respond to you answer is it per battle or per pokemon battle? like brock got 2 pokemon and misty got 3 do I get 2 points from brock and 3 points from misty?
Or is it just 1-2 points per brock/misty?

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It was resolved - This is not a bug, you just don't understand the happiness mechanics of the game or the answer you were given.

You need to read this: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Happiness

If you still don't understand it after that, you can ask questions about it in our Q&A forum, do not open another bug report.


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