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Both Bring back the old maps

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There were a few things that may have been better about them, but overall I have a strong preference for the current map system.
What makes you believe the old maps were better?
Could you give some examples please?

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Mainly the simplicity. If you want to hunt for fire type legendaries, you just joined the fire maps. Ghost types, same stories.  Also, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘fly’ option or something like that. If I am at route 1, and want to go to route 20, I now have to walk the entire map to get there. I read somewhere the old maps were still available the first months after the new system got introduced. I honestly don’t understand why they got removed eventually. People could simply choose their own preference. I am an old player, idk, 2015? And wanted to spend some time here once again, but this new system honestly prevented me from doing so. 

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