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Answered Can you have more then one mega evolved pokemon on your team?


I have a gardevoir and an Ampharos but i dont know if i can mega evolve both at the same time. anyone know if i can or cant?

i dont have the mega stones yet.

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Yes you can have unlimited number of mega evolved Pokemons you just need the respective mega stones. You need to evolve them separately, it doesn't take much time just press the + button to evolve them.

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In Pokémon Vortex, a Mega Evolution counts as 'just' another evolution.
Mega Stones are evolution items like Fire Stones and Moon Stones. You can use as many Pokémon as you want on your team evolved with that.
There's no limit to what kind of Pokémon you can have on your team.
The maximum amount of Pokémon is six. If you own a Pokémon, it can be on the team. There's no restrictions beyond that.

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