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I Will be catching and trading all legendary’s and rares I encounter. (IGN - NEK0)(with a 0)


the Pokémon I’m looking for are shiny eevee, dratini, starters, bagon and any shiny legendarys.


will be doing one route at a time catching all shinys and rares until I get a legendary then moving on.


Message me in game if there is something on the list u want leveled and I can level it to 100 or evolve it for a bit better trade.

add my IGN - NEK0 and message me if you want to trade.

normal - Ho-oh.pngMoltres.pngDarkrai.pngKyogre.pngCharmander.pngExploud.pngLugia.pngMewtwo.pngBeartic.pngPiplup.pngLitten.pngDratinire.pngLapras.pngThundurus.pngDratinilic.pngFennekin.pngMunchlax.pngRiolu.pngEevee.pngGiratina.png

Dark -Dark%20Riolu.pngDark%20Larvitar.pngDark%20Munchlax.pngDark%20Whiscash.pngDark%20Mudkip.pngDark%20Lugia.pngDark%20Jynx.pngDark%20Noivern.png

mystic - Mystic%20Ho-oh.pngMystic%20Sandslash.pngMystic%20Munchlax.pngMystic%20Eevee.pngMystic%20Riolu.png

shadow - Shadow%20Venomoth.pngShadow%20Eevee.pngShadow%20Riolu.png

metallic -Metallic%20Whiscash.pngMetallic%20Dratini.pngMetallic%20Beartic.pngMetallic%20Braviary.pngMetallic%20Articuno.pngMetallic%20Litten.pngMetallic%20Sandslash.pngMetallic%20Jangmo-o.pngMetallic%20Munchlax.pngMetallic%20Eevee.png

shiny -Shiny%20Magmortar.pngShiny%20Golem.pngShiny%20Turtonator.pngShiny%20Gyarados.png Shiny%20Gengar.pngShiny%20Centiskorch.pngShiny%20Slowking.pngShiny%20Camerupt.pngShiny%20Mismagius.pngShiny%20Shiftry.pngShiny%20Steelix.png
add me - NEK0 and message me in game if you want to trade I will not reply on this much as there is a limit per day how many post.

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Just now, Cha_Fey_S said:

but u just gave it to ruby123654 For freee



Yer the normal types I’ll give away unless it’s legendary but the dark munchlax

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35 minutes ago, Cha_Fey_S said:

ok so see my account just search my ign Cha_Fey_S

and see what u want

but make it fair


i offered 3 Pokémon for ur eevee 1 of them is the munchlax can u accept 3 Pokémon for 1 does it work like that or not?

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