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Since having rejoined this game, I’ve been enjoying my time quite a bit. I used to play back in the Pokémon Crater days and find the Vortex experience to be more enjoyable – Crater wasn't bad, of course. That said, I still have a few ideas I’d like to share that could perhaps add to what is currently on offer.


A quick sidenote before I get into the actual ideas:

  • While I have checked the thread that compiles a load of ideas proposed by other players, I haven’t plowed through all the old of forum posts - 21 pages of them at the time of writing - to check if I’m suggesting anything that other community members have already thought of before and/or anything that has already been rejected.


Let’s get into the ideas.




1. Fast travel by flying

The live map is a great feature, since it contributes to the idea of the game actually taking place in a cohesive world rather than it doing so in isolated maps selected from a menu. The signposts that are included in the world are a very welcome addition since they prevent you getting lost. However, getting from one point of the map to another can take up quite some time, which sometimes leads to you not being able to hunt for the Pokémon you might be looking for, given how most spawns are time sensitive.


My proposed solution for this would be to implement a fast travel system similar to the way flying worked in the older generations: the player can only fast travel to key points on the map (read: cities) and must have visited said points before they’re allowed to use the travelling system to reach them. I would perhaps even add the requirement of needing to have beaten the city’s gym. Alternatively, the feature could be unlocked once the player has completed every League and/or Special battle. The fast travel system should cut down on travel time quite a bit while making sure the map doesn’t lose its purpose. It would also reward players who go out of their way to find and complete all the map-exclusive gyms and/or League/Special battles.


2. Integration of (some) Specials Battles into the live map

Like stated above, I think the live map is a nice feature. It does, however, feel a little shallow/lifeless sometimes, given you currently only really use it to encounter Pokémon and take on the Galar gyms. Adding (some) Special Battles to it could combat this issue somewhat. Possible encounters could be Team Yell members, protagonists from the official games (e.g. Red, Gold, Hilda), meme fights (e.g. Youngster Joey and his top percentage Rattata). Seasonal fights could be fun too (e.g. joke fights on 1st April, battles with developers on special occasions etc.). These encounters could potentially be hidden away on parts of the live map that aren’t signposted. They could, alternatively, be stowed away in something reminiscent of the Battle Frontier. Whichever way the idea would be approached, it would really help giving the map more things to actually uncover and/or (re-)visit.


3. Adding more interactable objects onto the map

This suggestion sort of builds upon the previous one in the sense that it pertains to the idea of making the map feel more alive. Small, silly things like the Lemonade stand on Route 24, the cabin in the woods on Route 10, and the sign outside of the Professor’s laboratory in New Haven really help bring a bit of personality to the world. For this reason I appreciate the PokéMarts being interactable from the overworld, although I will admit I haven’t used this particular feature that much (yet). Auction Houses could be something that could be added onto the map as well, a way to access the PokéBay from the map without the menus. Admittedly these extra objects would probably handled in the same that the examples mentioned are now, ergo they’d be looked at by the player maybe once or twice and then forgotten. Nevertheless, small (humorous) details can really add some extra charm to a world.


4. More Vortex-exclusive Pokémon

While there is already plenty of work for Pokédex completionists on this game, I would like to see some more Vortex-exclusive Pokémon. Back in the Crater days fusions used to be a thing as well, which provided the opportunity to catch and use Pokémon with dual types you wouldn’t see otherwise. While the new ‘mons needn’t be fusions per se, it would be nice to see the Vortex PokéDex – the VorDex? – have a little more meat to it than it currently does. I will acknowledge I’m asking for a lot with this suggestion, given the amount of time, effort, and resources that go into creating an entirely new Pokémon (design, spritework, creating avatars, balancing, coding etc.). I’m just really curious to see what new creatures could spawn from the minds of the development team and/or community.


5. An overhaul to Shadow Pokémon

Personally I currently find Shadow Pokémon as a variant to be underwhelming as far as their effect is concerned. Their sprites look great and definitely needn’t be changed, though. While status effects can be a bit of a nuisance, they aren’t big enough a deal in the grand scheme of battles to where employing Shadow ‘mons on your team(s) would provide a substantial benefit to you as a player. At least, it doesn’t seem that way compared to the other variants which offer either a) more damage, b) more survivability through higher levels of defence or health or c) a chance to flat-out negate all damage for a turn (or multiple, if you’re lucky).


I have been thinking on a potential solution for this for a while and I will admit I don’t have a perfect alternative just yet. The best I could come up with for now was the idea of increasing the critical hit chance for Shadow Pokémon. This could help in granting this variant more of an actual edge in battles. I’m not entirely sure what percentage would be appropriate to keep things balanced, however. It should be high enough to where picking a Shadow Pokémon over a Dark Pokémon could be a worthwhile choice (if you're picking for damage), while ensuring that it doesn’t become overpowered. While a 25% increased chance for crits would be nice to keep in tandem with the boosts other variants have received, it does seem like it would lead to balance issues, especially when it comes to moves that have a high power as is. One area of concern in particular would be the boss battles during sidequests and/or Special Battles that employ Shadow Pokémon, since they already hit significantly harder than the average level 100.


Granted, some people might reap more benefit from the current iteration of Shadows than I can – or at least see/appreciate their use more than I do. So, the higher crit chance idea could be reserved for another variant entirely too. It could also be tossed in the trash, where it arguably belongs – your call.




That was a lot of text. Thanks for your time if you’ve read all that.


Any feedback and/or further input on the ideas is much appreciated. Number five in particular is one I’m keen to hear some ideas on.

Also, let me know if you’ve encountered any spelling and/or grammatical errors. I’m a pretty terrible proofreader.


TL;DR: TL;DR machine broke. Try again later.

See you around.





- 1st May 2021: Fixed some grammar errors and improved readability.

Edited by Komorga
Fixed grammar issues and improved readability.
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