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Personally, i think its kinda hard to get VC by winning seasonals, because some people who are busy and have no time would never be able to get them, so i think it would be good if you guys added another way to get it, also you should have the ability to sell/give VC to other players

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I believe the system is fine how it is.
It's still the Top 5 that score points. I'd say only spots 2-5 are disadvantaged (in a way), as they don't get an instant variant of their choice (especially if they want Shadow or Shiny.
There's even more options to choose from now, the Porygon are back, and you can choose to save up.
There's already a lot more possible than before, making some things (such as the Galarian Fossils) more available than they previously were.
I'm perfectly fine with keeping the VC as they are at this time.

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7 hours ago, SAMUEL.D.S said:

also you should have the ability to sell/give VC to other players

I really like the idea of selling VC in pokebay as those who try very hard but end up in 2nd or 3rd spot would have to wait at least another month to get a shiny or shadow galarian bird which is especially difficult, they would want to take a break after a very tiring season and would end up not getting the first  Galarian bird variant. It would also cover the point of an alternative way to earn VC, those who don't have time can save up for some time to get what they want. 

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I'm not dismissing the potential for more ways of obtaining VC in the future, who knows what the future holds. But, I really dislike the reasoning going on here;
"I don't have time to do something" will never get something added to the game - That's a personal problem, not a game problem.

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