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Uniques Trading UB,rare,legendary and event (weekly upgrade)

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hi guys. The pokemons are all in the trade, my IGN:Pikachu090306

if i haven't answer you on forum, im sorry because i'm sometime busy, just send the offer if that happens







dark dittoMystic Squirtle


Legendary: A-Z




ArceusArticunoazelfcelebiCobalioncresseliadarkraiDeoxysDialgaDratinilicGiratinaGroudonKyogreKyuremLatias (Mega)mewmewtwoMewtwo (Mega X)RegigigasTornadusrayquaza (mega)Tapu Finipalkia(700k exp)VictiniXerneas (Active)YveltalzacianZamazenta



dark GiratinaMetallic DialgaMetallic ThundurusMystic AzelfMystic KyogreMystic LugiaMystic MeltanMystic ReshiramMystic Tapu FiniMystic Type-NullShiny Darkrai




arceus (dark)Arceus (Rock)Barbaracle (Grievous)morpeko (hangry)solgaleo




necrozma(1million expkartana




thats all. Thanks for trading

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Posted (edited)
9 minutes ago, StrikeFlame1 said:

i want barbacle my offer: Lunala, i also want necrozma i can give 4 events, Deoxys (speed)Pikachu (libre)Genesect (ice)Rotom (heat)

It has 1m exp so I think you need to add more and also lunala not worth Barbaracle grievous 

Edited by Nishkar
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